Serving the Native Church
Gospel Support International (GSI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered in the state of Oregon, U.S.A.   We are a small, grassroots, inter-denominational Christian ministry whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission by supporting the native church around the world in the work of the Gospel.  We tell their story, respond to their requests, and find supporters for them and the people they serve.

A native (indigenous) missionary is an evangelist/church-planter who already knows the language and culture of the country in which he serves because he was born there and lives there.   Compared to western missionaries who must overcome the barriers of language, culture, nationality, and support costs, the native missionary has already overcome these barriers and has proven to be effective at a small fraction of the support costs of a western missionary.   The native missionary does not need to be sent: he is already there.

We're not saying don't send western missionaries. On the contrary, western missionaries are still effective and needed in a number of roles, like support and relief ministry, as well as going to people groups where there is no Christian witness.   But we see an effective partnership between the western church and the native church in many of the poorest countries around the world, a partnership where the native church takes the lead in reaching their own countrymen with the Gospel and planting churches, while we support them.   This is a partnership intended by God: the unity of the Body of Christ in achieving its purpose on the earth, that of making disciples of all nations.  

  • Native Missionary Sponsorship - We seek and maintain monthly sponsors to support native missionaries in the work of the Gospel for as little as $30 a month.   We work with native ministry partners around the world to find sponsors for the missionaries who work with them in evangelism and church planting among the various people groups in their country.
  • Relief Projects - The majority of our ministry partner serve in extremely poor areas of the world.   We respond to their requests for funds so that they can do certain relief projects to help the people with whom they share the Gospel.   For example, we have helped a ministry partner serve food and medicine to some villages affected by recent flooding.
  • Support Projects - These projects range from radio ministry support, to base/school/church building or repair projects, to bicycles, to medical support, to whatever they ask for from the resources that the Lord gives us.
  • Missionary Training & Materials - This involves helping to establish Bible/Discipleship Training Schools, tuition support; and providing Bibles, Gospel tracts, and other materials used by the native missionaries in their work.

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Gospel Support International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
P.O. Box 109 Salem, Oregon 97308